Wednesday, December 10, 2014


My brain is mush. These finals are killing me. I’ve got one left. One measly final. Art History. I am ready to rock this thing. And take copious naps afterwards. Ree and I rented a study room together, it’s got couches, bean bags, computers, a tv, it’s pretty awesome. And we’ve been practically living in this thing for the past two weeks. However, it’s been a double edged sword, because it doesn’t have cell phone service. Thank God for iMessages, but my mom thinks I’m avoiding her calls.

But, Reagan (hottie intern) has been texting me pretty regularly. Which doesn’t suck. He goes to the other college in town. He is a junior. He’s a marketing major. He’s so funny. And he texts me every morning. Which kind of makes me melt. He and I have FaceTime’d a few times, and Fran didn’t lie. The boy is attractive.

We’ve made plans to get dinner the day after tomorrow. He’s already done with all his finals, but he’s hanging out to finish his internship. And the day after tomorrow is his final day with Fran. He says they really get along, and she’s asked him to come back next semester. So, he must be smart. Which I kind of assumed, since he has such good grammar when we text. I judge stuff like that...


After my last final, I crashed. Hard. And the next day, I basically did everything a girl would do, get a pedicure, manicure, blow out, do fun makeup. Luckily, Ree was totally on the ball about this, and was ready to help me out. She and I just had a fun girls day to celebrate being done with school! She was going to Chet’s family’s house the day after Christmas, and she is going skiing with them the following day until it’s time for her to come back to campus. I just still can’t really grasp this whole Chet thing. He’s just too hot and cold for me. Like even now, that they’re truly together, he still will fall off the planet for days at a time. She says she doesn’t mind because it gives her time to do what she needs to, but like, I’d at least like to know you’re thinking about me. Geez!

Reagan offered to pick me up at my dorm, which I thought was very sweet. It’s hard to find a guy who will not just say “meet me here” when you’re on a first date.  I was totally a mess when he text me that he was turning on to campus. He called shortly after, and I gave him directions to my door. He told me when he was outside. I made my way outside, totally a wreck. And there he was. Standing outside his car in some very handsome dark wash jeans, an oxford shirt, and saddle oxford shoes. He looked good. I suddenly worried my skinny jeans, riding boots, and chunky sweater weren’t enough.

He walked up to me confidently. “You look fantastic, Kathleen!” He kissed my cheek, and hugged me.

I blushed like a fool, thank God it was kind of dark. “Thank you! You look very handsome. Thanks for picking me up.”

He was ushering me around to the passenger door. “Of course! Thank you for making time for me. I knew your last few days have been a mess.”

We settled into the ride quietly. It was weird sitting with someone that I spoke to so regularly, having never seen him. Oh my goodness, though. Total. Gentleman. As we began driving, he headed past downtown, and to Highlands. I began to freak. Highlands, while home to mostly underemployed youths, it home to also some fancy restaurants, such as Highlands Grill and Botega. We were not at a Botega date yet. At all! Luckily, he pulled into Taj Inda. A rather casual Indian place that I love! Mainly because I could eat naan all day every day.

“I love Taj!” I squealed.

“A little Frannie may have mentioned your deep seeded love of naan. And hammered copper cups.” He winked. Oh gosh. The wink. This was gonna be a good night folks. Good! Night!

Taj India is not a large place. So any place we were to sit was going to be intimate. We were settled into a two person table in the back corner. We settled in and ordered drinks.

“You did well, Reagan.” He laughed. I suddenly felt insecure and gave a weird face. This only made him laugh more.

“I only get called Reagan at work or when I’m in trouble. My friends call me Rea.”

I felt better, but quickly corrected him. “My best friends is Ree. You can’t be Rea. We’re gonna have to change your name.” I quipped.

He laughed. “How about this, you can call me Sexy.”  We both bust out in laughter.

Dinner went on without a hitch. Honestly, it was like we had known each other for years. I am normally painfully awkward on first dates. And granted, I had moments, like when I couldn’t feel out if he was being sarcastic or not. But honestly, it wasn’t hard at all. We just meshed. It was nice.

After dinner, he asked if I wanted dessert. “Oh boy, I could always eat dessert.”

“Okay, we’ll go to Steel City Pops. Want to go to the Summit or Homewood?”

“NO!” I squealed. “That’s too far away! Let’s just go into the Western, get some goodies and hang out.”

He laughed. “I don’t mind. It gives me an excuse to keep you captive longer.”

“Please! I really want Little Debbie cakes...” I made puppy dog eyes.

“Well, with a face like that.” He pulled me in for a hug. “Come on, let’s get you a Zebra Cake, and we can watch a movie at my apartment.” My eyes kind of popped out of my head. Was I read for this? Luckily, he read my fear. “It’s okay. Both my roommates are already home for the break. No pressure from the peanut gallery.” Oh, he read that concern wrong...

I nodded, and was suddenly headed towards his downtown newly renovated loft complex. Oh goodness.


  1. Hi! I just found your blog, and caught up from the beginning! I loved "How about can call me sexy!" I laughed out loud. If you feel like it, check out mine. I have written before, but just recently started up again!

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